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Our Mission: Hope, Inc. provides sports and recreational opportunities critical to the health and development of children and young adults with mobility challenges and their families.
Raffle tickets for our Riding with Hope Weekend are ready to sell!!
2 books of 10 tickets may be taken at one time
Booklets and money must be turned in to Adair, Raquel Ibach, or Kristine Boser before getting more booklets
Please fill in ALL information on the ticket stubs
Tickets: $10 Each

Grand Prize: Orthodontic Package From Dr. Harvey ($6,500 Value)

Other Prizes include:

Custom made Oak Bar Set by Bill Ament ($2,000 value)

Walmart Gift Card  ($600 value)

44 Calibur  Black Powder Pistol ($279 value)

50 Calibur Black Powder Rifle ($200)

West Acres Gift Certificate ($100)

Upcoming Events
Contact Raquel (kilenibach@cableone.net or 701-212-5330) to register for all activities.


  • Saturdays starting March 22nd at Calvary Methodist Church
  • 10:00-11:15 Younger Kids and Assist Division
  • 11:30-12:45 Older Kids and Manual Division


Mar 22

Mar 29

Apr 5

Apr 12

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